How to Say Meow in Different Languages

Here are how you say meow in different languages although I say how to say meow but for some of them its really how to spell it.

Feel free to add more to the list!
Catalan: “meu”
Chinese: “miao”
Cantonese: “mao”
Danish: “miav”
Dutch: “miauw”
English: “meow”
Finnish: “miau”
French: “miaou”
German: “Miau”
Greek: “naiou”
Hebrew: “Miau” and sometimes “Miya”
Hungarian: “miau”
Japanese: “nyan”, “nya”, “n’yao” or “myah”
Korean: “yaong” or “nyaong”
Norwegian: “mjau”
Portuguese: “miau”
Spanish: “miau”
Swedish: “mjau”